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KDatMainWindow Class Reference

#include <KDatMainWindow.h>

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Detailed Description

The KDat main window. Everything happens from here.

Definition at line 54 of file KDatMainWindow.h.

Public Slots

virtual void show ()
void status (const QString &msg)

Public Member Functions

void configureUI (Tape *tape)
void getBackupFiles (QStringList &files)
void hideInfo ()
void popupArchiveMenu (const QPoint &p)
void popupBackupProfileMenu (const QPoint &p)
void popupBackupProfileRootMenu (const QPoint &p)
void popupLocalFileMenu (const QPoint &p)
void popupMountedArchiveMenu (const QPoint &p)
void popupMountedTapeFileMenu (const QPoint &p)
void popupTapeDriveMenu (const QPoint &p)
void popupTapeMenu (const QPoint &p)
void setBackupFiles (const QStringList &files)
void showArchiveInfo (Archive *archive)
void showBackupProfileInfo (BackupProfile *backupProfile)
void showFileInfo (const QString &name)
void showTapeFileInfo (File *file)
void showTapeInfo (Tape *tape)
 ~KDatMainWindow ()

Static Public Member Functions

static KDatMainWindowgetInstance ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void readProperties (KConfig *config)
virtual void saveProperties (KConfig *config)

Private Slots

void backupCancel ()
void backupContinue ()
void editPreferences ()
void fileBackup ()
void fileDeleteArchive ()
void fileDeleteBackupProfile ()
void fileDeleteIndex ()
void fileFormatTape ()
void fileIndexTape ()
void fileMountTape ()
void fileNewBackupProfile ()
void fileQuit ()
void fileRestore ()
void fileVerify ()
void help ()
void localCollapsed (int index)
void localExpanded (int index)
void localExpanding (KTreeViewItem *item, bool &allow)
void localHighlighted (int index)
void localPopupMenu (int index, const QPoint &p)
void localSelected (int index)
void slotTapeDevice ()
void slotTapeMounted ()
void slotTapeUnmounted ()

Private Member Functions

int calcBackupSize (const QString &workingDir, bool local, const QStringList &files, bool incremental, const QString &snapshot, bool removeSnapshot)
void create_backup_dialog ()
void doVerify (bool restore=FALSE)
void setTapePresent (bool tapePresent, bool eject=TRUE)

Private Attributes

QPopupMenu * _archiveMenu
KDialog * _backupdialog
QPopupMenu * _backupProfileMenu
QPopupMenu * _backupProfileRootMenu
QPushButton * _cancel
QPushButton * _continue
bool _destroyed
QPopupMenu * _editMenu
QPopupMenu * _fileMenu
QLabel * _lbl
QPopupMenu * _localFileMenu
KMenuBar * _menu
QPopupMenu * _mountedArchiveMenu
QPopupMenu * _mountedTapeFileMenu
QSplitter * _panner
KStatusBar * _statusBar
QPopupMenu * _tapeDriveMenu
QPopupMenu * _tapeMenu
KToolBar * _toolbar
int stop_flag

Static Private Attributes

static KDatMainWindow_instance = 0

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