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KNetworkConf Class Reference

#include <knetworkconf.h>

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Detailed Description

KNetworkConf is the base class of the project

Definition at line 63 of file knetworkconf.h.

Public Slots

virtual void saveInfoSlot ()
void setReadOnlySlot (bool state)


void networkStateChanged (bool)

Public Member Functions

void disableAll ()
QString getVersion ()
 KNetworkConf (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
void loadDNSInfo ()
void loadNetworkDevicesInfo ()
void loadNetworkProfiles ()
void loadRoutingInfo ()
void setReadOnly (bool state)
void setVersion (QString ver)
 ~KNetworkConf ()

Private Slots

void aboutSlot ()
void addKnownHostSlot ()
virtual void addServerSlot ()
virtual void configureDeviceSlot ()
virtual void disableInterfaceSlot ()
void editKnownHostSlot ()
virtual void editServerSlot ()
virtual void enableApplyButtonSlot (const QString &text)
virtual void enableApplyButtonSlot (bool)
void enableApplyButtonSlot ()
virtual void enableButtonsSlot ()
virtual void enableInterfaceSlot ()
virtual void enableProfileSlot ()
void enableSignals ()
QStringList getDeviceList ()
void getNetworkInfoSlot ()
virtual void helpSlot ()
bool isDeviceActive (const QString &device, const QString &ifconfigOutput)
void makeButtonsResizeable ()
virtual void moveDownServerSlot ()
virtual void moveUpServerSlot ()
virtual void quitSlot ()
void readFromStdErrUpDown ()
virtual void readFromStdout ()
virtual void readFromStdoutUpDown ()
void removeKnownHostSlot ()
virtual void removeServerSlot ()
void showInterfaceContextMenuSlot (K3ListView *, Q3ListViewItem *, const QPoint &)
void showMainWindow ()
bool valuesChanged (KNetworkInterface *dev, QString bootProto, QString netmask, QString ipAddr, bool onBoot, QString desc, QString broadcast)
void verifyDeviceStateChanged ()

Private Member Functions

void changeDeviceState (const QString &dev, int state)
KNetworkInterfacegetDeviceInfo (QString device)
QString getDeviceName (QString ipAddr)
Q3PtrList< KKnownHostInfogetKnownHostsList (K3ListView *hostsList)
QStringList getNamserversList (K3ListBox *serverList)
KNetworkInfogetProfile (Q3PtrList< KNetworkInfo > profilesList, QString selectedProfile)
void showSelectedProfile (QString profile)

Private Attributes

QString commandErrOutput
QString commandOutput
QString currentDevice
QStringList deviceNamesList
bool devicesModified
bool devStateChanged
Q3PtrList< KKnownHostInfoknownHostsList
bool modified
bool nameServersModified
Q3Process * procDeviceState
Q3Process * procUpdateDevice
Q3PtrList< KNetworkInfoprofilesList
bool readOnly
bool reloaded
QString version

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