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Node Class Reference

#include <Node.h>

Inheritance diagram for Node:

KTreeViewItem ArchiveNode BackupProfileNode BackupProfileRootNode SelectableNode TapeDirectoryNode TapeDriveNode TapeFileNode TapeIndexRootNode TapeNode

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Detailed Description

The base class for all tree nodes in KDat.

Definition at line 38 of file Node.h.

Public Types

enum  {
  ArchiveableNodeType, ArchiveNodeType, BackupProfileNodeType, BackupProfileRootNodeType,
  DirectoryNodeType, FileNodeType, MountedArchiveNodeType, MountedTapeDirectoryNodeType,
  MountedTapeFileNodeType, NodeType, RangeableNodeType, RootNodeType,
  SelectableNodeType, TapeNodeType, TapeDirectoryNodeType, TapeDriveNodeType,
  TapeFileNodeType, TapeIndexRootNodeType

Public Member Functions

void appendChild (KTreeViewItem *newChild)
KTreeViewItemchildAt (int index) const
uint childCount () const
int childIndex (KTreeViewItem *child) const
virtual void collapsed ()
bool expandButtonClicked (const QPoint &coord) const
virtual void expanded ()
virtual void expanding (bool expand=TRUE)
KTreeViewItemgetChild () const
KTreeViewItemgetParent () const
const QPixmap & getPixmap () const
KTreeViewItemgetSibling () const
const QString & getText () const
int getType ()
bool hasChild () const
bool hasParent () const
bool hasSibling () const
void insertChild (int index, KTreeViewItem *newChild)
bool isExpanded () const
virtual bool isType (int type)
bool isVisible () const
virtual bool mousePressEvent (const QPoint &coord)
 Node (int type, const QString &text, const QPixmap &pixmap)
virtual void popupMenu (const QPoint &)
bool removeChild (KTreeViewItem *child)
virtual void selected ()
void setDelayedExpanding (bool flag)
void setDeleteChildren (bool flag)
void setDrawExpandButton (bool doit)
void setDrawText (bool doit)
void setDrawTree (bool doit)
void setExpanded (bool is)
void setPixmap (const QPixmap &pm)
void setText (const QString &t)
virtual ~Node ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual QRect boundingRect (int indent) const
virtual int height (const QFontMetrics &fm) const
virtual int height () const
void insertNode (Node *child)
virtual void paint (QPainter *p, int indent, const QColorGroup &cg, bool highlighted) const
virtual void paintExpandButton (QPainter *p, int indent, int cellHeight) const
virtual void paintHighlight (QPainter *p, int indent, const QColorGroup &cg, bool hasFocus, Qt::GUIStyle style) const
virtual void paintText (QPainter *p, int indent, int cellHeight, const QColorGroup &cg, bool highlighted) const
virtual void paintTree (QPainter *p, int indent, int cellHeight) const
void synchNumChildren ()
virtual QRect textBoundingRect (int indent) const
virtual int width (int indent, const QFontMetrics &fm) const
virtual int width (int indent) const

Protected Attributes

bool delayedExpanding
bool deleteChildren
bool doExpandButton
bool doText
bool doTree
QRect expandButton
bool expanded
int numChildren
QPixmap pixmap
QString text

Private Attributes

int _type

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